Since I have memories I have felt an enormous passion for animals. I keep great memories of my childhood and most of them have an animal...they are my passion.

My journey into the canine breeding world began in 1999 with a breed that I will always be attached to and will carry in my heart, the Maltese. Thanks to my participation in the dog shows I discovered a wonderful breed that today occupies my life, the Italian greyhound.

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In 2007 I acquired my first female from PLI Blue Dreams of Princes de Kazan, Mora, and got literally in love with her. The magic relationship that was established between the two of us was something unique, unknown and wonderful for me.

Mora became champion of Spain in 2009 and lived happily with us until she passed away. Thanks to her and by observing the work of the most important breeders in Europe, I learned about the breed. Thanks to these years today I have a clear idea of the path that I must undertake and that I present to you in this website.

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This path has a basic pillar, my absolute respect for the breed and for the breeders that share my passion. All my work is for and pro the breed. I’m aiming to improve the breed, always looking after the standard and health.

And above all, my maxim: To enjoy day by day the company of my little souls, to let them make my life and my family's life happier; and my desire: that everyone who acquires one of my puppies be instantly enthralled with the magic of living with an Italian greyhound.

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- To my parents for giving me the opportunity to share my childhood with pets and then for having supported me ALWAYS still not fully understanding my madness / passion for this world.
- To my husband and my daughters for supporting and loving me so much to let me continue to develop this dream.
- To Carlos Espinar, my veterinarian and most importantly my best friend, for so many nights of deliveries and desperate calls.
- To the friends who made me get to know the greyhound world and the breeders who entrusted me with their dogs and who, to this day, continue to dedicate their time to me.
- To Roberto and Marga to help make the Italian dream come true.

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